Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This month has been great as far as TN pain goes. I haven't had a tough time and just a few moments of pain (a 1 or 2 on a scale of 10).

I have been getting back into the swing of things this month. It feels good to be back to my old self. There were so many days I felt like a zombie last year, a horrible side effect of the medication I was taking.

It probably seemed I was bedridden most days and just incapacitated but that isn't how it went most of the time. Dan and I had a conversation about last year and my health problems. Granted, there were times I just couldn't take care of myself and the kids but the times I did - even if I didn't feel able to - greatly outweigh the former. Dan has been a great source of validation for this and in going through his paystubs for tax purposes, those check definitely reflected him being at work more than he was home. In fact AFTER my surgery, he was home more overall than he was the entire time I was dealing with this neuralgia and some of that can be contributed to him going back to school full time. I'm not being ungrateful to him as a supportive husband, in fact he is the one who told me I needed to give myself more credit for having accomplished all that I was able to. He reminds me that although he did come home early from work sometimes, or missed days, that there were more days that I toughed through it to put dinner on the table for the kids. It was nice to hear him recount those times since I've been getting the gist from people that Dan just did everything around the house and still continues to do so. I don't quite understand how some people have gotten the impression that I didn't contribute to the household or parenting the kids when I was "sick" because I sure remember doing it while feeling like hell. I hope that clears up any misconception that I did more than just lay in bed all day.

I have NOT been taking meds regularly and I've still been avoiding caffeine and other such triggers. I was getting ready to go to the dentist after Christmas but I chickened out. I am still terrified it will trigger an attack, especially after I now know the attacks are still a possibility. I will keep working on it. I would rather go during the neuralgia but I would rather never have neuralgia again!

I hope that those dealing with TN have found this blog useful. I promise to keep giving updates.

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