Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's January Already!

My neuro retired in Dec but on his last day he upped my carbamazepine to 800mg/day from 600mg.

Doing the best I can in the situation and I am thankful for my husband, parents, and inlaws.

I've found that prayer and my faith have been a staple. Faith makes the negative look so much brighter.

For anyone who reads this, please know that I am not trying to be a martyr or a complainer. This blog helps me to track my triggers, treatments, and progress. Without it, everything is a haze. I hope it also helps all of the people on the right (in the TN widget), because I know their blogs, forum discussions, and comments on LivingWithTN have helped me.

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Kenny Kellogg said...

sweet widget, how did you do that?