Monday, April 6, 2009

Less Frequent?

Since I haven't been posting on a regular schedule, that must mean my attacks are less frequent? Well, yes and no.

Since the removal of tooth #14, I have not had any TN like pain on the left side (so it was probably just tooth related pain, as I suspected). Good news. However, I have had several episodes of TN on the right side. Not so many zingers, mostly the achey background burning pain - bottom right side along the gums. I can just feel it inside but when I touch anywhere along the gum line I don't feel it from the pressure. I have been having these achy episodes almost constanly now for a week. The pain is a 4 or so on a scale of 1 to 10 so it's pretty tolerable. I have almost forgotten what a 10+ feels like.

This week I have been plagued with 2.5 migraines. I say .5 becasue one was teetering. haha. They both started in the back of my head and one radiated to right behind my left eye. Oh baby the pain. Numbness in my arm, hand, and fingers is still here. Have a new thing going on - the soles of my feet have been feeling tendinitis-y. Off and on of course. Mostly when the rest of me is going to pot, the feet just join in.

I am on a new medication too. I went to my GP about 5 weeks ago. He did a full thryoid panel and found that my free T4 was not quite up to par. I am taking 25mg of levothyroxine. I go back next week *the 15th* for a new blood draw to see how it's working (or not).

My next neuro appt with my new neuro is in 4 weeks. This doc is also a headache specialist in the headache clinic so maybe he can figure things out better than the last office I was at. I just want to feel like myself again.

I have been caffiene free 90% of the time the last 5 months or so. I really believed it's helped alot. My 12th acupuncture visit is the Thursday. Coleen has worked wonders, I really believe it. I feel so much better the days following my visits with her. I missed 2 weeks of apts starting 3 or 4 weeks ago and since then things have gone downhill symptomwise. I probably just reversed all of her hard work.

Symptom: Double vision, "vertigo in my eyes" feeling - can't focus sometimes and have to blink multiple times or squint to keep from feeling lightheaded and dizzy when I can't see. Even with my glasses I get this. It really makes me want to throw up.

I've also been getting feverish/elevated temps off and on. My normal temp is around 96.9 degrees and lately I've been hitting around 100 to 101. The heat has been off in my house all day. It's only 70 degrees in here and I feel like it's 100. I am sweating and want to jump in a bathtub of ice.

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh! That is horrible! I didn't know you had to deal with frustrating!!! I'm glad you have a guy like Dan to help you through the crud of life : )))