Monday, November 17, 2008

Nov 17th Continued

I will edit this post today to update throughout.

Right now I am having another pain episode. It started on the upper teeth this time and pain is slowly making its way to the bottom teeth. Dan mentioned that his mom has an electric heat pad. I wonder if that would soothe me. I have been heating up moist towels and applying them but it's a pain to routinely do so and the towel cools down very quickly.

I think it's interesting that I am in so much pain - over a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 - but I can sit here and type. It seems that as long as I can focus on something and not literally think about how much it hurts, I can try and be numb to it. Of course it only seems to help a tiny bit, but that tiny bit is giving me hope. The hydrocodone makes me extremely sleepy. I am going to take another pain pill and see if the babies will allow me to sleep a bit.

645 PM: The previously mentioned pain episode lasted 2 hours that time. I didn't feel relief until 530 or so and I had also taken another hydrocodone. It seems like I need a stronger dose, maybe the 10mg, because I am needing to take 2 of the 5mg pills in one dose. When I get close to needing a refill I will email the doctor and request a higher dose.

I read on the TNA board that someone didn't feel relief with the neurontin for 3 weeks after beginning the drug regimine. (*Wow, I really hope it doesn't take that long.) The TNA boards are a great source of information and support. You can find an easily and if you post a question or blog, the other forum members are supportive and empathetic.

You can access the boards here, however, to read or post you will need to sign up for a free account.

8:00PM - Feeling good right now, started getting another bout of pain at 7:15 but I popped a pain pill and it has mostly subsided except for a burning pain in my upper right molars. I am going to attempt to play with the kids and not think about the pain. I have noticed another trigger. If I run my tongue along my gums on the right side it triggers an episode. It does take more than one touch however too many turns into an attack.

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