Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Better

The pain attacks are getting under control. I really think the Neurontin is kicking in. I have had fewer episodes and when I do have an episode, as long as I take a pain pill or apply heat, I can stop it if I catch it early enough. I am almost out of hydrocodone though and I won't make it though the weekend with the amount I have left. I have been taking 10mg a dose (my prescription is for 5 mg pills) and I only have 5 pills left. I am going to see if miraculously tomorrow I can get a refill. If not, I am going to cross my fingers that 5mg will relieve pain.

I have my first appointment with a neurologist on Dec 1st (Monday). Hoping that goes well. Since I am still having attacks, a nurse at their office suggested that they may consider upping the dosage of neurontin.

I am careful as to what I've been eating. I read on this blog, that sugary foods seem to be a trigger. I've noticed that to be true for myself too. So as soon as I drink something sugary (like soda) or eat something sugary I immediately brush my teeth, because if I don't, it seems like an attack is imminent. The pressure trigger is the biggest one. If I even SLEEP on the right side of my face I will be in pain. The pain doesn't wake me up though. Usually the baby will cry and when I wake up, I notice the pain. I have a problem with clenching my teeth at night so I wear a dental guard and it has really helped minimize that problem.

All in all, I have noticed a big difference in the amount of pain episodes although they seem to be more frequent at night.

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