Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pain Triggers and Relief

I read some interesting information regarding green tea and gluten. Apparently green tea helps promote antioxidants and reduce inflammation. However too much sugar can irritate the nerve. I drink green tea everyday, probably too much of it. It has 17g of sugar per 8 oz. That's much less than a can of regular soda. No matter, I will try and be aware of how much sugar I'm consuming daily. I'm at the point that I will do anything if it might relieve the pain.

Actually, right now I am having an episode and it has been going on for the last 40 minutes. Mine usually dissipate within 2 hours, so only an hour or so left!

This article also discusses using ice as way to help ease the pain. I'm partial to a hot wet cloth. In taking this advice, I've had an ice pack on my cheek (off and on) for the last 15 minutes and I actually think the pain has spread along the nerves. I am not feeling relief, just a cold cheek and stinging face.

Gluten is thought to be a trigger. According to this article, a gluten free diet may actually decrease facial pain. Well, let's try it. Maybe after Thanksgiving, I'll give the gluten free, low processed sugar intake diet a try. No Sugar, No Starches? Who knows, I'll probably even lose a few pounds!

Question: What has been your experience with green tea, gluten, and/or ice?

To read the article yourself, click HERE

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