Monday, December 1, 2008

Neurology Appointment

So this morning, I went to my first neurology appointment. Dr C., and his med student M, went through my health history. Then M did some standard neurology tests and everything was going well until Dr C decided to test my eyes. He took a q-tip and touched it toward my left eye, I flinched and felt it right away. When he did this to my right eye, I didn't feel it or notice it (he put the q-tip towards the corner of the eye). I didn't even flinch. Also, when they were doing the light tests with my eyes, M had to use his fingers to open my right eye wider.

They decided to step out into the hallway to discuss their findings. They talked about trigeminal neuralgia but were worried about my decreased optical blah blah on my right eye and Dr C brought up the possibility of a tumor. (I don't know why doctors think you can't hear them right outside the door!).

Dr C prescribed Oxcarbazepine (to take on top of the Neurontin/Gabapetin). I went to the pharmacy to get it filled and found out that my super fantastic insurance doesn't cover it. The pharmacy tech put in a call to my doctor's office to get a new scrip but they were out to lunch for an hour. I am supposed to hear something by this afternoon.

I have a scheduled MRI tonight at the hospital. My husband has had several MRIs due to his epilepsy so he's given me the MRI down low.

As a sidenote, my GP declined my request to refill my hydrocodone on Friday. She said I was filling it too fast. So this whole weekend I have been in pain. My mom
(a hospice RN) had me step up the Gabapentin this weekend to see if it will help. It did for the most part until I stepped it back down this morning. I had an episode in the doc's office this morning and it damn near brought me to my knees.

Will post more when results are received.

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