Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Side Effects and More

Dr C said I could start out taking 400mg (instead of only 200mg) of Carbemezapine a day (along with the 900mg of Gabapentin). In 6 days I will be up to 600mg. And still we may have to play with the dosage. I'm praying for relief. Even one day would be a godsend.

Gabapentin side effects I have noticed:
The urge to drop glass
Weakness, unable to support myself or pick anything up after long periods of rest
Extreme fatigue

TN triggers to date:
Pressure to the face
Headaches (or maybe vice versa)
Too much talking
Too much smiling or other facial expressions involving the lips or jaw
Drinking through a straw (sometimes)
Lightly touching the face
Cold air/weather
Wearing my glasses (going to look into contacts)
My tongue touching buccal mucosa (the inside of my cheek and lip)
CLENCHING (usually happens during the night)
Cold or hot drinks (varies)
Chewing (sometimes)
Caffeine (including chocolate, soda, etc)

That's all I could come up with off the top of my head.

I have been depressed the last couple days. It's hard not to feel that way. So much pain and so little I can do about it. I feel helpless and like a failure (even though I know deep down that I am neither of those things). I also feel like a burden to my dear husband. He is a trooper in all of this and understands me so well. But, this leaves him shouldering the bulk of responsibility in the house along with a full time swing shift job. He takes care of our two kids (infant & toddler) as much as possible in order to give me silence during the painful episodes. I feel like all of this just fell in our laps. I am so grateful I didn't start pulling teeth!! There are a few things that help distract me from the pain and that's blogging, digital scrapbooking, hot showers, and sleep. Those 4 things can help like no other.

Other things I have been trying (besides distractions) for pain relief are:

Hot pad/ice pack (though half the time they each make the pain worse)
VERY Hot showers or baths with my face right in the heat of it
Working on self hypnosis/hypnotherapy (that helped through my first pregnancy/labor)
Meditation (not helping so much)

I would like to try:

I would like to learn more about:
The Healing Rooms Ministries

I may consider:
Upper cervical chiropractic treatment
(NOT a fan of chiropractors)

I would like to read:
Insights as well as End the Pain, both of which can be purchased here

I would like to wear: wristband as well as this awesome scarf! (the black one, not the scary half face one) (maybe :P)

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