Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stepping It Up

Well, my friends, I have taken the advice of my RN mother and have stepped my Gabapentin up to 1800mg daily. She is encouraging me to consult with my neurologist on this but I'm unable to find the words as to how to explain why I self medicated. It started last Friday when my GP refused to refill my hydrocodone. (She said I was refilling the scrip to fast - which makes me feel like she thinks I'm some addict, oh well. She hadn't even HEARD of TN until I sent her some info on it so she probably has no empathy on how much it hurts.) Anyway, I digress, since I didn't have any pain medication (which I ultimately discovered usually doesn't relieve TN pain) my mom suggested upping my gabapentin until I got into the neurologist, which was 3 days away. The next day, I immediately noticed a difference. I had fewer attacks and the attacks were shorter. But, on Monday, after the neurologist, I decided to go back to the normal dosage. I think that's why I've been in such pain those next 3 days. It didn't dawn on me until last night so I went back up to 1800mg (from 900). Today I have noticed a difference. I have only had ONE major attack today. Can you believe it??? Knock on wood! I have had 2 smaller attacks that went away quickly and were relieved by an ice pack. Praise the Lord. I also want to thank my husband and family for their prayers because I really do believe in the power of prayer.

Oh yes, and after the first of the year, I am looking into contacts. My lovely Vogue glasses seem to trigger attacks. That pesky little arm sits right by that nerve and the tiniest of pressure sets off an attack. So this month I may have to walk around blindly or wear my glasses funny. Whatever makes it work.

Also, I'd like to point out a terrific site I found - Living With TN

Check it out, it's a godsend.

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Kenny Kellogg said...

Hi Misty,

Great blog. I like the humor embedded in the name of it. I found you via your post on LivingWithTN (

Cool stuff. Looking forward to reading your blog.