Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No TN News is Good News?

I haven't had any attacks the last few days. I have attempted to keep my stress level down and have been taking my meds on time (within a half hour or so) everyday. Maybe they're working? I'm still in wait for the next big one.

I asked the husband to buy me the book Striking Back for Christmas. I'd also like to read Catholic Matters: Confusion, Controversy, and the Splendor of Truth.

I have a tooth on the upper left side that is giving me some minor pain. Mostly it's just uncomfortable. It has a large old (like 10 years old) amalgam filling and part of the filling (and tooth) broke off. I am pretty sure it's going to have to be extracted and I'll eventually end up with a bridge, or even better an implant (I hope). I have a dentist appointment in January, right after Christmas, to deal with the tooth that got my TN all pumped up. It needs the root canal therapy finished as well as a crown. Right now my feelings are there is no way in heck I want them fishing around on that side, especially putting barbs down the canals again. I don't know if I will ever get the courage to do that again, although I know it's urgent I follow through. I also have a terrible time getting numb, hence why Dr H had to drill and inject directly last time. It makes me cringe thinking about it. I really wish general anesthetic was an option. I have some more work that needs to be done, a few small cavities to fill - I'd really like to work something out to do that all at once without having to be witness to it. I'm dreaming though, right? I wonder if having TN is cause to do so?

I'm almost embarassed to talk to the dental office about this. Isn't that terrible? I'm even embarassed to admit that I am embarassed.

I really need some commentary on this one.

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