Friday, December 5, 2008

Shocking (haha)

So yesterday felt like a mini vacation from TN. Can you believe it?

It started out with an attack early in the morning, around 2am, but I was able to fall asleep within a half hour with an ice pack strategically placed over my ear and lower jaw (near the lovely mental foramen - man it gets me every time).

My husband woke me up at 11am to take my meds. I have been taking them at 11am, 5pm, and 11pm. (Trying to space them out during the waking hours). I couldn't get out of bed without his help. My knees are killing me! I went from 11am to 3:30pm without an attack. At 3:30 I started getting a stiff lower jaw and some throbbing near my ear/TMJ. It was then I noticed I had put my glasses on!! I took them off and tried a little ice and some relaxation and within 10 minutes or so the stiffness and throbbing disappeared. It happened again at 4:30 because I was stressing over my 2 year old taking a nap (he's teething the 2 year old molars, so fun). But I quickly made myself relax and again, the attack went away shortly therafter (I didn't even need ice that time!).

I went from 4:30pm until sometime in the middle of the night without an attack!!! I couldn't believe it! I credit it to upping the gabapentin and being careful of triggers. HOWEVER, I think my middle of the night attack stemmed from the McDonald's cheeseburger I ate at 11pm (darn cravings!). says to avoid foods high in fat. I don't know if any diet changes always work but as most TN sufferers know, I'm willing to try almost anything. So out goes the fast food along with the caffeine. Maybe the combination of diet change and drug therapy will work!

I also had an attack this morning, as I was waking up, and it included a headache and eye ache. Ice helped it along as well as 2 Excedrin Migraine tablets (and yes I know Excedrin has caffeine). The attack was painful, on a scale of 10 I'd say a 7, and within 20 minutes it was over. Since that attack I haven't had another one yet (knock on wood) which is very unusual for me. For the last 2 months I have had them almost back to back. I can usually tell when they are starting up because I get a dull shock to the mental foramen or near my TMJ. That's when I calm myself down and relax, sometimes applying ice and it helps it to go away.

The one thing I am really confused about is the pain I sometimes get in my throat. It's only on the right side and it hurts so badly. I cannot put ice on it or heat as both make the pain much worse. I can even press on my neck near the brain stem and feel it in my throat. When it is inflammed there is a noticeable difference when touching each side of the throat. The right side feels swollen. I do not have a problem swallowing though.

QUESTION: Has anyone has this problem or is this a separate issue?

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Mr X Stitch said...

I'm Jamie. I've had times when it feels like my glands underneath my jaw are really "alive" and aching although that is just one note in jaw orchestra experience including sensitive teeth and fiery gums.

I've just found living with TN and consequently your blog and I just wanted to send some love your way as we could all do with it.

Best wishes.